Coming Sooner Than You Think!

Coming Sooner Than You Think!
Keep an Eye out for the imminent release of "In the Seam" on Eye Read Books: Available throughout cyperspace on Amazon, Kindle and at all Barnes and Noble stores!

"Songs from In the Seam"

"Songs from In the Seam"
Also imminently available: The eight song c.d. "Songs from In the Seam" from Eye Read Books. Finally!

Junkie Monkeys

Junkie Monkeys

An animated video of "Secret Agent of Love" from the novel "In the Seam" by Kirk James Folk


Phone: (717) 843-7612

"Pretty Beasts"

I perform "Pretty Beasts" from "In the Seam" with a little help from my "loop" pedal. Thanks Harvey Melodrama.

Begging Ain't Beneath Me...

If you can help, you will be rewarded. Every little bit counts. Thanks.

Happy Friday?

Ahhh, another balmy Pennsyltucky Friday in late April. I had to come inside the house twice while mowing the lawn, to put on more seal skins, scarves, gloves, ski goggles, insulated boots and long underwear. There is no feeling in my face and my ears are blue and ringing. Excuse me while I fire up the acetylene torch and attempt to thaw the icicle that has formed on my nose. How's your day?

Kickstarter Video Update 3: "I Ain't Goin' to Poughkeepsie"

Happy Fifteenth Birthday Skylar Folk! You've made these the best fifteen years of my life. Oh, and I ain't goin' to Poughkeepsie, neither.